Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Teaching Children to be Children - The Que Rico Art Project

Ever heard of the JR organization?
Maybe, he is pretty famous. An urban artist that uses high resolution photographs of people to capture emotion. His work stretched from the favellas in Brazil to Cambodia and across Africa, it is powerful work and I urge you to take a look.
Alex Rhodes, a volunteer from the Salesforce foundation approached us with an idea for an art project. That we would take high resolution pictures of our little terrors in nursery, send them over to him in Switzerland, he sent them onto the JR organization and they kindly printed them out in 122cm x 93cm. Alex bought the prints over with him, and our little terrors were suddenly big terrors.
We sat around pondering how best to utilize the opportunity. The photographs were breathtaking and very powerful (thanks to Alex Pettiford the photographer who has helped us out immensely on the project in the past). How could we use them best? We could have used them in art exhibitions around town, people were keen to see these amazing pictures. That didn’t sit quite right with us. If we were going to do an art project with the children, it had to be for the children not using the children as a marketing tool. We wanted the children involved in the project all the way through. We wanted to let our children be children through art. And the video that Alex Rhodes put together I think perfectly encapsulates what we were trying to achieve.
The children’s faces when they saw themselves blown up to such epic proportions was a sight to behold, they loved every second of it. It was astounding how organized nursery can become when they were stimulated by what they were doing, there were smiles all round. And it was the children who took their own photos home at the end of the day.
It shows what a powerful tool art can be, the end result was breathtaking. The results were there for our children to see, we know they had as much fun making the project as we did putting it together.
A special thanks to:
Alex Rhodes
Alex Pettiford
Salesforce Foundation
JR Organisation
Our Nursery children J


  1. Again an amazing job, Sir Thomas! I hope you are ok, take new chances to develop your talent as a leader of projects and enjoy your life! You sure brought a lot of joy and showed people life as a Cambodian insider! take care, love Inge

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